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Ceramic Coating

Polish & Protect your vehicle for years to come!

Service Description

Please get in contact with the 2LC Team at 432-547-4502 to set up an appointment to receive an accurate quote. What is included in our ceramic coating process: The Ceramic coating process is 3-4 days depending on the vehicles condition. - Professional Body Hand Wash - Vehicle Foam Bath - Bug & Tar Removal - Clean Wheel & Tires - Clean All Windows - Paint Decontamination - Paint Clay bar - 2 step paint correction - IPA paint cleansing process - Ceramic coating application - Shine Plastic & Trim - Shine Wheel Wells - Shine Tires - Full Body and Rims Graphene Boost Add on (Request) - Ceramic coat glass on vehicle - Ceramic coat wheels on vehicle

  • 72 hr
  • Request Quote
  • 2LC Detailing

Contact Details

  • +1 432-547-4502

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