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Ceramic Coating

Protect your vehicle for years to come

Service Description

The Price listed for this service is only an estimate. Please get in contact with the 2LC Team at 432-547-4502 to set up an appointment to receive an accurate quote. What is included in our ceramic coating process: The Ceramic coating process is 3-4 days depending on the vehicles condition. - Professional Body Hand Wash - Vehicle Foam Bath - Bug & Tar Removal - Clean Wheel & Tires - Clean All Windows - Paint Decontamination - Paint Clay bar - 2 step paint correction - IPA paint cleansing process - Ceramic coating application - Shine Plastic & Trim - Shine Wheel Wells - Shine Tires - Full Body and Rims Graphene Boost Add on (Request) - Ceramic coat glass on vehicle - Ceramic coat wheels on vehicle

  • 72 hr
  • From 1,200 US dollars
  • 2LC Detailing

Contact Details

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